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Drake Teases “More Life” Release Date

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Drake was out in Amsterdam this past weekend on his Boy Meets World Tour when he dropped the bombshell that his upcoming project, More Life would drop before the end of February.

Well, those were not his exact words but they were inferred.

Here’s what he said: “You know what the good news is? I know we got three more shows in Amsterdam, right? – But the best part about that is… if you coming back to any more shows, More Life is going to be out, we can just do some whole new shit.”

From what we know, Drake’s next tour date in Amsterdam is scheduled for February 26th. So More Life will drop (as an Apple Music playlist) between now and the end of February. Apart from that, we know nothing else.

There were a few other surprises during the Amsterdam show. An interesting stage setup (featuring a giant sphere that became both a moon and sun throughout the show) and a new track with London rapper Giggs.


(Image Source: rap-up.com)


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