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Eminem Says A Stoned Sound Engineer Lost Original ‘Stan’

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Eminem used Memorial Day weekend to recount stories about his best work over the years. One interesting one was about how he lost the original third verse of his 2000 hit song, “Stan”. A verse he says was “WAY better” than what was put out on the release.

Here’s what went down.

On that day, he happened to be working with a sound engineer whom he was unfamiliar with.

So dude lights up some marijuana while catching Eminem’s vocals. The Detroit emcee goes hard on the verse but realizes he needs to get the last three lines right. So he asks the now-stoned engineer to rewind the track just a little bit. Unfortunately, the guy rewinds to the beginning of the verse. And that original version is lost forever.

“Back then we were recording on 2 inch tape, so once you recorded over something it’s gone forever,” Eminem recalled. ew.com

So if “Stan” is already considered to be one of Eminem’s greatest songs, we can only imagine how much better it would be with that ‘lost’ verse.

Revisit the award-winning song here:

Check out the full story below, and check out more of Eminem’s lyrical explanations on his Genius profile.

[Verse 3: Eminem (as Stan)]
― Eminem (Ft. Dido) – Stan


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