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Fender Moves Into Online Guitar Education Space

Fender Moves into Guitar Education Space with Fender Play

Fender – the well-known company behind some great guitars – moved into the guitar education space back in July with a new online guitar lesson called Fender Play. The 4k video based guitar training site is a big move in the digital space for the company. A rep for the company said this “fundamentally changes the way” the company speaks to its customers, but it’s “not Guitar Hero” – a reference to the popular guitar video game that is more entertainment, less educational.

General manager of Fender, Ethan Kaplan, also said “Most people who pick up a guitar will quit within six months. That’s 90% of our first-time buyers, and the first-time community accounts for almost half of what we sell. It’s about that really challenging first six months.”

The company hopes their 4k video lessons – created by studying how people learn guitar in real life with private teachers or YouTube videos – can change that attrition problem. Kaplan understands the issue with most new guitar players and traditional teachers – having to learn scales, when all you want to do is play a song. Fender wants to change that and says they’ll add a couple new songs per week to their catalog.

According to Music Ally:

Fender Play is also hoping to woo people to its $19.99-a-month subscription through quality – all its videos are shot in 4K resolution – and personalisation. Anyone who signs up is asked about their preferred instrument and genres, with this information used to plot a ‘learning path’ through the catalogue of lessons.

Kaplan says that the service is tuned to the demands of a new generation of guitar players, reasoning that their digital-entertainment habits may well influence how they expect to learn.

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