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Fifth Harmony Have Scored The Biggest Music Deal Of 2017

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Fifth harmony, an act that’s now only a harmony of four, has just signed the biggest music industry deal of 2017. And they didn’t need ex-member Camila Cabello to do it.

On Friday (January 6), they announced that they had penned a massive, multi-million deal with Epic Records, part of Sony Music Entertainment. Something they didn’t have to say, though, is that it will mean loads of upfront cash to be split four ways instead of five.

The new deal is a multi-album, multi-million dollar contract with the smaller Fifth Harmony.  And Sony Music is now gunning to propel this group into mega-stardom.  Already, the slimmed-down foursome is in the studio with plans for a 2017 album release.  And mega-hit singles are a major part of the game plan.  That could be followed by a massive worldwide tour, on a scale not yet seen from this group.

Also winning big is Syco owner Simon Cowell, the brains behind X Factor who retains contractual control over the group.
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If ever Camila Cabello, who is currently forging her solo career, wanted to go back to the group, those bridges are long burned. After she left abruptly in December 2016, the group made it clear that they were “blindsided”.

But look at them now. Defying the odds and hoping to release more music this year.

Let’s see how they, and one solo Camila Cabello, will do on their separate paths.

Game on.


(Image Source: Digital Music News)


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