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Flipagram – The Next Big Thing for Musicians?


FlipagramThere’s a new social media network that just got a ton of money from investors earlier this year – $70 million to be exact. That network is called Flipagram and it’s tagline is that is “brings moments to life.”

How does it do this? It lets you create, share and discover short photo-video stories set to music. How is that different from every other social network that’s hot right now? Your guess is as good as mine.

The most recent feature that the app has rolled out is called the Music Video Camera which lets you record a lip-sync video to your favorite song.

I know music fans are gonna love this, so you can bet it’ll make some waves. But will it be something great for music artists and producers?

The good people over at HypeBot seem to think this may be the next big thing.

Flipagram’s biggest trump card in all of this is that unlike other social networks, artists monetize their content on the app. While other social networks offer data on engagement and other nebulous metrics, Flipagram offers artists money, as well as a way to connect with fans around multimedia images. The adoption rate has been high, with artists like Pharrell and Madonna embracing the app.

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And not to mention, the company has just signed a partnership deal with Carly Rae Jepsen, pop singer. But what about all the other social networks out there? Instagram, Snapchat and of course Facebook and Twitter.

The HypeBot article goes into that as well:

Plenty of artists are dissatisfied with the existing social options. Facebook’s algorithms mean artists are never sure who sees posts, and Twitter can feel like a giant sea of text and an echo chamber. Instagram only allows for still images and videos, so artists can feel like music is being left out of the equation, and Snapchat’s ephemerality can be a negative. But Flipagram allows artists and fans to put photo and video content together with music, and pays out to boot.

So will Flipagram be the next big social hub that artists should pay attention to now? It won’t take that much effort so we say yea, you might as well.

You can already see fans making photo videos and even sharing them on YouTube:


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