Home Celebrity Buzz Forbes Says Hip-Hop Power Couple Jay + Bey Worth $1.6 Billion

Forbes Says Hip-Hop Power Couple Jay + Bey Worth $1.6 Billion

Jay-Z and Beyonce Reportedly Worth $1.6 Billion Combined

A new report from Forbes says that Hip-Hop’s First Couple is worth over a billion and a half dollars if they combine their wealth. Jay-Z and Beyonce, it seems, are officially a billion dollar couple.

Forbes Magazine recently released their list of Hip-Hop’s cash kings for 2017, and it’s no surprise Jay-Z was on the list again. Beat out by Sean “Diddy” Combs of Bad Boy Entertainment and Revolt Media for the #1 spot, the magazine said Jay had a net worth of over $800 million.

They also estimate Beyonce’s net worth at over $350 million. Add to this a brand new deal between Live Nation and Jay-Z worth about $200 million and the couple is sitting pretty.

Jay-Z is rumored to putting out a new album soon, and Beyonce is currently pregnant with twins. Big things seems to be happening in the Knowles/Carter household.



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