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Former Prince Sound Engineer Can’t Release EP… Yet…

Court Grants Injunction in Unreleased Prince Songs Case
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Last month a former sound engineer for the late, great Prince was planning on releasing new material that had never been heard before. But now a court has slapped him with an injunction – he can’t release any material until the legal matter is settled.

Prince’s Estate is working to stop the previously-unreleased recordings from coming out in this way. They claim that George Boxill, the sound engineer in question, signed a confidentiality agreement with Prince before working together. The agreement, the Estate claims, does not allow him the right to release the material.

The recordings are from 2006 and have never been made public. Prince’s Estate claims the recordings are property of Prince, and therefore they have to right to stop it’s release indefinitely. Boxill was planning on releasing a 5-track EP last month.



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