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Fraud Allegations Leveled Against Pemberton Music Festival

Fraud Allegations Against Pemberton Music Festival

Some people are saying that the now-cancelled Pemberton Music Festival is similar to the Fyre Fest fiasco, leveling allegations of fraud against the festival’s promoters. Fans, music insiders and even consumer organizations are unsure of the promoters’ claims that it was a weakening Canadian Dollar and higher-than-expected losses that led to the cancellation.

One fan is reported as saying, “It just feels like a scam, taking our hard-earned money, it’s not like I’m rich, so $430 is a lot of money for me.” Organizers filed for bankruptcy at 2:00 PM last Thursday but tickets continued to be sold for another 2 hours.

President of the Consumers’ Association of Canada.  Bruce Cran, said “If they knew anytime earlier that they couldn’t perform and they kept taking money… that’s a very serious matter.”

Marc Geiger, record exec and head of a company representing artists set to perform at the festival said “I want each of them to know ‘I’m coming after you personally’. We’re going to pursue all of these people to the full extent of the law.” He added, “This is fraud, pure and simple.  The only difference between Pemberton and Fyre is that Pemberton sold their event with trees instead of supermodels.”

Last week the Pemberton Music Festival suddenly changed it’s website to read the festival had gone bankrupt and the shows would be cancelled. Ticketholders would not receive refunds for their purchased tickets, but could fill out a form and claim themselves as “unsupported creditors.”

According to festival promoters, they faced a $10,000,00 cash shortfall and had to cancel the event and abruptly file for bankruptcy.

A lawyer representing the festival’s organizers said ticket sales did not materialize, forcing them to cancel the event – the second time it’s been cancelled in it’s short history.

Digital Music News reports:

A fact sheet posted by the festival’s trustee Ernst & Young backs up Skelly’s statement.  Pemberton Music Festival had only received $8.2 million in revenue.  It had budgeted $22 million in expenses.

“We did everything in our power to prevent this.  The decision was sudden and unexpected.  We are going to do everything in our power to make this right and we will keep trying until this is fixed.” (William Skelly – laywer for PMF organizers)

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