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Fuse Audio Labs Releases Cassette Tape Plug-In

Fuse Audio Labs TCS-68 Plugin

Pro audio company Fuse Audio Labs has just released a brand new plugin called the TCS-68 that is essentially a cassette tape channel emulation for your DAW. The new plugin pays homage to the iconic 8-track recorders from the 1990s.

For producers and musicians who want to add a certain character to their sound that mimics retro tape recorders, this plugin is perfect. The goal of the plugin was to “revive the vibe in the box” and actually do a good job at emulating the original sound.

The company says the preamp, tape system and eq has been faithfully recreated with the new plugin.

According to KVR Audio:

The original unit comprised a 10-channel mixer that included a simple 3-band EQ, mic and line inputs as well as insert loops for each channel, an 8-track recorder with a noise reduction system and meter bridge.

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The plugin is available now from the company’s website. It’s on sale for $29 until April 24th while the regular price is $59.


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