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Future & Drake Mixtape Sales Predictions Lowered


future-drake-wattba-sales-predictions-dropFuture and Drake – two of the industries biggest stars right now – have a collaborative mixtape project called What A Time To Be Alive. And at first predictions had the project selling 500,000 units in its first week!

But now that number has dropped according to HitsDailyDouble – the website projects the mixtape to sell between 340,000-360,000 copies.

Still pretty good right? That might not be true since drizzy’s last project – If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late – moved almost the full 500k (495,000 units). But for Future – whose last mixtape DS2 sold 126,000 units – it’s a pretty nice opening week.

Some say that it’s the mixed reviews coming out about the album that have caused projections to drop.

Here’s what AllHipHop says:

The initial expectations were based on early sales as die-hard fans purchased the tape off iTunes as soon as it was released, but more casual listeners may have chosen not to purchase the project.

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Either way, if they do happen to move that many units – it should still have them sitting on top in the #1 spot.


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