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The Game Gets A Game

the game block wars

The Game’s got game.


We know from his sick rhyming skills, from the role he landed in the upcoming documentary “Streets of Compton” and now, from creating video games.

Yep – he is now the new brand ambassador for Atari – once the largest video game developers in the market.

The West Coast rapper took to Instagram to share the good news and drop a teaser for his fans.

And from the look of things, the game looks nothing short of violent. Check it out:

There is no date specified for when Block Wars comes out but its going to be worth the wait.

The rapper is the pistol-whipping main star of Block Wars, which features tons of expletives, scantily clad women counting cash, explosions, weed, raiding a drug house and lots of guns. The game, whose violence is reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto, is of course not for kids (they should stick to Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja). fuse.tv

The Game is just of many other emcees branching out to use their network to jump into non-cliche industries for a chance to bump up their legacies. Soulja Boy’s recently signed $400 million deal with World Poker Fund Holdings. Earlier this year, Kanye West previewed his Only One video game that honors his late mother Donda.

(Image Source: Instagram/The Game)


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