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Google Kicks Mega.NZ Out Of Search Results


Google just recently kicked Mega.NZ out of its search results due to piracy violations. Mega.NZ is a popular cloud storage website.

Apparently, Google received a DMCA notice on behalf of Metropolitan. They claimed the cloud storage site hosted John Wick illegally.

The DMCA notice constitutes specific links from Demonoid and Monova.org which illegally host and share other Hollywood movies. However, Mega.NZ doesn’t appear all that much in the list.

But it was still blacklisted.

So, why doesn’t Google do the same with other illegal direct download, file locker, and torrent sites like The Pirate Bay and Extra Torrent?

Note that, Mega.NZ has been taken down several times but it’s always reinstated.

Mega chairman Stephen Hall spoke with TorrentFreak. He said that Google has taken down the site several times.

“This has occurred three times In recent months. Each time we file a counter-notice, which is then acknowledged by Google within 2-3 days and the search results are then reinstated 10-14 days after that.

“The notices were filed by agents who are well aware of the DMCA process but clearly aren’t verifying the links as their claimed content is certainly not available at mega.nz.”

Whenever the search giant removes Mega from search engine results, less people visit the site. Thus, the site loses out on potential revenue.

As of writing, the search giant has since reinstated Mega.nz search engine results. Read more…


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