Home Music News “HD Vinyl” To Hit Stores In 2019

“HD Vinyl” To Hit Stores In 2019

HD Vinyl to Hit Stores in 2019

To anyone who thought Vinyl was the pinnacle of audio quality, think again. A new Austrian-based startup just received $4.8 million for a patented “high definition vinyl” technology. And the first ever HD vinyl albums are expected to hit stores next year.

The new type of vinyl pressing is said to have a better audio fidelity than traditional vinyl records. The company also claims their vinyl will have a louder volume and longer playing times possible. For the green lovers out there, the new pressing technique also removes the use of traditional chemicals used in vinyl manufacturing.

According to HypeBot:

According to Pitchfork, Rebeat Innovation has already ordered a laser system valued at $600,000, and hopes to be able to produce test stampers for five to-be-determined “early mover” pressing plants as early as the fall.

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The company plans to debut their stampers at this year’s Making Vinyl Conference in Detroit and debut in stores in Summer of 2019.


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