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Hip Hop Makers Runs Music Production Poll

HipHopMakers Does Music Production Survey

HipHopMakers Does Music Production SurveyHipHopMakers.com recently ran over 30 polls of music producers that use their site (obviously mostly hip-hop/urban producers) and got approximately 10,000 respondents to chime in on their music production habits.

Here are some of the highlights of the surveys’ results.

Producers who responded said that FL Studio is the best (most popular) music production software and that 61% of producers own an MPC. Personally, that number feels high.

Favorite music producers? The surveys found that Dr. Dre was the most popular producer, followed by Timbaland in second place.

What was interesting and possibly surprising to many producers and people outside of the Hip-Hop genre is that 50% of respondents said that they use live instruments in their productions.

Most people assume that making beats in Hip-Hop is all samples and synths – but that’s obviously not true.

No prolific producers within the group, with almost half of the producers that took part only making 1-2 beats per week.

What’s possibly surprising for anyone outside of the music production game is that most producers spend an average of 5+ hours on a single beat. Many outside of the game think that beats just happen – and it’s not hard to see why when looking at some beat making videos out there.

Take a look at the full infographic of survey results here.

All in all it’s an interesting survey of hip-hop and urban music producers. However, as with all polls, you have to take the results with a grain of salt. It’s representative of a small sample of the many, many producers out there.

But it’s still very insightful information, and I’m sure does represent the wider hip-hop production community out there pretty well.



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