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Hit Songs Deconstructed Releases Hit Song Trend Report

Hit Songs Deconstructed Releases Q4 2017 Report on Hit Music

HitSongsDeconstructed.com has just released their Q4-2017 report on what made a hit song last year. The company helps songwriters and producers stay on top of mainstream music trends and breakdown what has been happening in the music consumption and creation worlds.

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They do this by analzying the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 lists and seeing what types of songs and compositions move the needle when it comes to mainstream success.

Here are the report highlights according to Music Think Tank:

  • Pop, after dropping to its lowest level of prominence in years with 16% of songs in Q2, rebounded back up to 35% of songs in Q4, and once again surpassed Hip Hop/Rap.
  • Hip Hop as an influence remained steady, shaping the sound and vibe of 77% of songs both within and outside of the Hip Hop/Rap primary genre.
  • Exclusively male lead vocals dropped from 70% of the Top 10 in Q3 to 41% in Q4.
  • Male/female duet and group vocals almost tripled in prominence from 13% in Q3 up to 36% in Q4.
  • Minor keys continued to further surge in prominence, accounting for 77% of songs.
  • Larger songwriting teams were still by far the most prominent, with songs featuring four or more credited writers accounting for 82% of Top 10 Hits in Q4.

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