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Hollywood Sign Vandalized By Prankster To Read ‘Hollyweed’

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The Hollywood sign was vandalized on Sunday (January 1st) to read “Hollyweed”.

In what seems to have been a New Year’s prank, someone climbed up Mount Lee and placed tarps over the two O’s on the sign to make them look like E’s, according to a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department. Surveillance cameras caught the entire incident as it happened and the LAPD is investigating the act as a misdemeanor trespassing crime.

As reported by CNN, there are sensors at the sign that trigger an alarm for police, but because the sensors are only in certain areas of the letters, it’s possible to avoid them.

This alteration happens after California voters approved recreational marijuana for those 21 and over. Businesses, however, are not licensed to sell recreational marijuana until Jan. 1, 2018.

This is not the first time that the famed sign has been vandalized.

Built in 1923, the Hollywood sign was first changed to “Hollyweed” on Jan. 1, 1976 when a Cal State Northridge student similarly hung curtains over some of the letters to alter the sign. The “H” was once hidden to read “Ollywood” during the Oliver North and the Iran-Contra hearings. When the Pope visited in 1987 the sign was changed to “Holywood.”

The beloved monument has also been completely changed over time to read “GO UCLA” and “CAL TECH.” Read more…

This article originally appeared in THR.com.


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