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Indie Band Promotes Album by Pretending to Be the KKK

Band Pretends to Be KKK to Promote Album
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Amidst all the tension caused by last weekend’s protests and counter-protests in Charlottesville, VA an indie band called the Domestics chose to promote their album in a pretty controversial way. The band essentially pretended to be right-wing/neo-nazi/kkk/white supremacists.

On Wednesday several organizations received packages marked in Russian and the words “TRUMP/COMEY RECORDINGS.” What’s more – the return addresses were either associated with the Ku Klux Klan or the Westboro Baptist Church.

According to Billboard:

The band’s initial statement failed to include an direct apology, instead offering the waffly explanation of “Our intention was not to offend anyone by sending them a tape, it was to pique interest in the band’s upcoming album.” Prompted by Pitchfork, Finn went a little further: “This is an explanation, but it is also an apology. Our intention was never to instigate any political tension or cause anyone fear or concern, and I’m deeply saddened and sorry that this has taken place.”

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Some of the tapes sent to music industry professionals ended up in the hand of Jewish individuals. This caused some problems but a statement sent to SPIN after everything unfolded said that was absolutely not the intention.

All in all – a poor taste marketing tactic, but not the first time a hoax has been perpetrated to promote an album.


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