Home Music Business Indie Grime Artist Stormzy Signs Deal With Atlantic

Indie Grime Artist Stormzy Signs Deal With Atlantic

Stormzy Signs Deal With Atlantic Records

UK Grime artist Stormzy has been able to rack up almost 5 million followers and hundreds of millions of streams as an independent rapper. But for the “next chapter” of his career the budding artist has signed a deal with Atlantic Records.

But it’s not just Stormzy that will be getting that major label treatment. It’s being reported by HypeBot that the deal is a joint development deal for Stormzy and his fellow #MERKY artists – #MERKY is Stormzy’s indie label, and the announcement came via Instagram.

According to HypeBot:

Ben Cook, President, Atlantic Records UK says, “We’ve been friends with Stormzy and Tobe for a while now, it’s been exciting to see the extraordinary impact Stormzy’s music has had and the iconic figure he has become. #MERKY are now key players, and we’re thrilled to join forces. Together we’re going to take Stormzy global, and fill the #MERKY roster with fresh new talent.”

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Stormzy’s “Shut Up” has passed 71 million plays on Spotify. It will be interesting to see what comes next from the artist and his label mates with the backing of a label like Atlantic.



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