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iPods Are Still a Thing – But Probably Not for Long

Apple Will Discontinue iPod Nano and Shuffle

Apple announced that it will be discontinuing it’s iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle. Not exactly big news considering we live in an age of smartphones and streaming. But the tech giant will still be offering two different models of the iPod Touch. The Touch will start at $199 USD and feature double capacity.

It’s possible there are still some people who enjoy downloading MP3 files, hooking up their phone to their laptops and firing up iTunes to transfer the files over. But that is definitely a dying demographic. Especially considering streaming services like Spotify continue to see subscriber growth.

Chris Cooke of Complete Music Update writes:

Presumably Apple will pension off the iPod Touch in a few years, just in time for the MP3 Revival, when all the cool kids start insisting that low bit rates, clunky devices and annoying DRM is the only way to properly experience music. Of course, technically it will be an AAC Revival. Unless the real hipsters push for an ATRAC Revival. Sony Connect anyone?

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