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iZotope Now Offering A Free Pro Audio Essentials Course


iZotope has just launched an online music production course and learning tool for beginner music producers and audio engineers.

What makes it unique is that it’s completely free of charge and it allows you to practice your new skills all in one place. You get to learn via video tutorials and later test your knowledge in the exercise section.

It is by no means an advanced music production course. It’s great for absolute beginners but it needs a lot more development for it be able to cover some advanced mixing and mastering techniques.

At the moment, the course is organized into three sections: EQ, Compression and Digital Audio Basics. The EQ section is currently the most feature-packed, containing a series of excellent video tutorials, along with an EQ testing module, practice mode and challenge mode which puts your EQ skills to test (you’ll need to sign up via email or Facebook in order to access challenge mode, though). Both the video tutorials and the available practice tools are great. The only drawback here is the fact that the practice tools use low bitrate MP3 files as the source, which sort of defeats the purpose of training your ears to detect subtle differences in frequencies. But even so, the available tools are more than useful for understanding the basics of equalization, as well as for learning how to train your ears.

The Compression and Digital Audio Basics sections are still in development. Both come with a series of video tutorials, however the practice tools and the challenges are yet to be added. Even so, both sections are quite informative and will definitely answer some of the most common questions that beginner music producers may have. bedroomproducersblog.com

All in all it is certainly a recommended resource.


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