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Janet Jackson Streams Skyrocket After Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl Show

Janet Jackson Streams Rise After Super Bowl

Everyone’s been hating on pop star Justin TImberlake’s Super Bowl halftime show. But one person that might be happy about it is R&B icon Janet Jackson. It’s being reported that streams of the singer have skyrocketed after JT’s performance.

When Timberlake sang the song “Rock Your Body” without Jackson, the hashtag #JusticeForJanet started trending online. The song was the same tune the duo performed when the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” happened, exposing Janet’s nipple and breast on national TV. (This was apparently a big deal back in the day)

Spotify confirmed that Janet’s streams shot up 150% the hour after the big game.


Justin Timberlake streams rose over 200% at the same time. Both numbers were compared with the same hour the week before.

According to Digital Music News:

“Following Justin Timberlake’s performance during [the] halftime show, streams of the ‘SexyBack’ singer surged 214 percent on Spotify in the U.S. during the hour that followed Philadelphia Eagles’ win over New England Patriots.”

The streaming music platform said that people also heavily streamed ‘Until the End of Time’ and ‘Suit & Tie.’  In addition, Prince’s ‘I Would Die 4 U’ received a similar boost.

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Although Ms. Jackson did not perform with Justin at this year’s Super Bowl, she will headlining Panorama NYC Festival and also the upcoming Essence Fest.


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