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Jas Prince Files Another Lawsuit Over Drake’s Profits, This Time Against Derrick Lawrence


As Drake drops hit after hit, and snags award after award, there’s one person who should be laughing all the way to the bank because of this but isnt. The guy who helped discover the Canadian emcee- Jas Prince.

In 2008, he plucked Drake from MySpace and introduced him to his-then friend Lil Wayne. He also introduced him to Cortez, Robertson and partner Derrick Lawrence who signed on to manage the rapper and later established Aspire Music Group. Then came the recording deal with Birdman’s Cash Money Entertainment.

According to Prince, Young Money/Cash Money was to pay Aspire 1/3 of it’s Drake profits, Aspire was to keep 1/3, and give the other two-thirds to Jas Prince.

By early 2015, he was filing the 3rd lawsuit to get his cut from Drake’s continuing success. In late 2015 he reached a settlement with Cash Money for an undisclosed amount.

Fast forward to today. In true déjà vu style, he is filing a new lawsuit, this time against Derrick Lawrence, one of the Aspire Music Group co-owners. Prince claims that Lawrence isn’t doing enough to get Young Money to pay up, which leads him to suspect him of foul play.

The problem is that Young Money (Drake’s record label) hasn’t paid Aspire a dime yet – so that means no payday for Prince and he’s in the dark as to why Lawrence hasn’t sued yet. Prince says that their contract requires Aspire to use “best efforts” to get the money.

Sources connected to Prince’s company believe there’s something strange going on, possibly a deal being made on the side with Young Money – leaving Prince the finder beat.

Lawrence says there’s no side deal and Aspire’s received no Drake profits from Young Money. Read more…




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