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Jay-Z’s Music Still Not on Spotify, Back on Apple Music

Jay-Z's music returns to apple music but not spotify

We recently reported that Jay-Z’s entire musical catalog was removed from Spotify, and that it wasn’t available on Apple Music as well. Well, it turns out that the mogul’s music is back on Apple Music, just still not on Spotify.

It’s not all his music, but most of it has returned to Apple Music. Unfortunately for fans of Jay-Z not on Tidal, those missing albums are arguably his best – Reasonable Doubt and the 3 Blueprint albums.

Recently TIDAL made a deal with Sprint that reportedly offers “more exclusive content” and that’s why many believed the “Tom Ford” rapper’s music was absent from the other two streaming music services. Of course, this was all speculation.

Here’s HypeBot’s take:

…with the music back up on Apple Music but not Spotify, the bread crumbs lead to another possible motivation.  Jay Z’s takedown may stem from Spotify’s recent Universal deal. His flagship Roc-A-Fella label is part of the Universal Music Group family and some portions of the secret deal may not please the rapper-entrepreneur.

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Regardless of the motivations behind the move, this undoubtedly hurts music fans the most. But you can’t knock the hustle. And Jay-Z is one of the ultimate hustler’s in the music business.

Recently, Billboard reported he just released a brand new $850 Champagne from Armand de Brignac. And he’s got a lot of other brands he’s working with to continue building his empire.

In the end, the streaming wars continue. And if you want to listen to Reasonable Doubt or any of the Blueprint albums, at least in the short term, you’ll need to join TIDAL.


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