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Jay-Z and Live Nation Sign New Long Term Roc Nation Partnership

Jay Z Signs New Live Nation Deal

It looks like the success of Jay-Z and Roc Nation have not gone unnoticed by Live Nation executives as the parties enter into a new “long term deal.” Live Nation told Billboard that they have a new deal with Jay-Z and expect to remain equity partners in Roc Nation for the foreseeable future.

Jay-Z and Live Nation first entered into a 360 deal back in 2008. The deal terms covered Jay’s next 3 albums and established Roc Nation as a joint venture. The deal was worth $150 million and was to last 10 years.

Now that the original deal is coming to it’s end, a new partnership agreement has been reached by all parties involved. However, it seems the new deal is not similar to the original 360 deal. The new deal likely covers the touring aspect of Jay-Z’s career.

Billboard reports:

Jay Z and Live Nation will continue to operate Roc Nation’s management and recorded music business as a joint venture. Live Nation has let many of its 360 recorded-music deals sunset and has largely gotten out of the recorded music business, although through its various joint ventures it does retain some label holdings

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There were rumors that Jay-Z would shop Live Nation’s stake in Roc Nation to Universal Music Group, but sources say the rumors are unfounded.


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