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Jay-Z Removes Entire Catalog from Spotify

Jay-Z Removes Music from Spotify

It may be surprising to some, but not others. Legendary hip-hop artist, Jay-Z, has officially pulled all his music from the streaming music giant Spotify.

Confirmed by the company, Spotify stated that at the request of HOV, it removed most of the “Big Pimpin” rapper’s catalogue from their service. It is reported that some of his albums have been removed from Apple Music, as well.

Why isn’t this a surprise?

Jay-Z if an owner of the rival streaming music service TIDAL.

Complete Music Update reports:

There seems to have been some fluctuation on what is and isn’t available via Spotify, and at the time of writing Jay-Z’s first three albums – ‘Reasonable Doubt’, ‘In My Lifetime’ and ‘Hard Knock Life’ – are still listed on his profile on the service in the UK. A number of singles and compilations also remain.

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There’s been no comment from either Jay-Z or Tidal. Spotify has confirmed that this is not a glitch – fans will no longer be able to stream Jay-Z’s entire catalog on their service.

Spotify recently announced a new deal with Universal Music Group which involved terms of premium-only exclusive albums, and changes to royalty payments. The news of the new deal has caused a lot of commentary from all sides of the music business, with some applauding the deal and others saying it won’t work.

Are the 2 events related? That’s uncertain but also unlikely. But business is a chess game, so who knows.


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