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JAY-Z & Roc Nation Raise $3 Million to Reform Criminal Justice

Jay Z and Roc Nation Help Launch Promise App

TechCrunch is reporting that a new tech startup called Promise has launched with the help of Jay-Z, Roc-Nation and Y Combinator. The app hopes to help low-risk individuals avoid an already overcrowded prison system when preventable.

The Vera Institute of Justice found that approximately 62 percent of people in jail are nonviolent offenders who are awaiting court dates behind bars because they couldn’t afford bail.

According to HIpHopDX:

Why should America care? It reportedly costs an estimated $22.2 billion a year to keep those aforementioned individuals detained.

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In a statement Jay-Z said “We are increasingly alarmed by the injustice in our criminal justice system. Money, time and lives are wasted with the current policies. It’s time for an innovative and progressive technology that offers sustainable solutions to tough problems.”

It currently costs over $20 billion in tax payer money to keep these people in the jail system.

The CEO of Promise Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins sais “People are going to jail because they look at a piece of paper and misread it, or…they can’t afford a class because they’re instead paying child support.”

No word on when the app will launch.


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