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Just Blaze: Pharrell vs. Timbaland Beat Battle in Works


If you didn’t know, in February of this year super-producers Just Blaze and Swizz Beats took to Instagram Live to participate in a live beat battle. You heard that right, and it was as epic as it sounded. Well, now thanks to some tweets and insta-posts, there is news that mega-rock-star producers Pharrell Williams and Timbaland may be down to get in on the action.

The original beat battle video is available to view on YouTube and is almost 3 hours in length. Just Blaze took to Twitter and Instagram today to announce that he had spoken to the Empire music director and Timbo was all about it.

But he also stated that Timbaland vs. Neptunes would be the real deal and that Chad Hugo should join in the fun. What’s more is Danja, Timbaland’s protege, chimed in on this as well, saying him+Tim vs. Neptunes would be the realest realness.

Regardless of who does what, where and when – this will be a highly anticipated event for any fan of music production.

Check out the posts below:



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