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Just Blaze Hits Us Up With Unreleased Tracks from Jay Z, Jay Electronica and more

just blaze

Unreleased tracks are like those secretly cool kids at school that only a few people get to know. The ones that could have deserved to make the cut to stardom but never did.

Once in a while we get to hear unreleased tracks from heavy hitters being leaked, as was the case for Kanye West and TLOP or even getting to number 1 after being released by surprise, as was the case for Kendrick Lamar.

Other times, a badass producer showcases them in a show, just because he can. Exactly what Just Blaze did on the DJCity’s MikiDz Show last week.

Just put on an hour-long set in which he debuted another trove of songs and instrumentals from his catalog, including some never-before-heard tracks. Among them were:

• An unused track from JAY Z’s The Blueprint 3 sessions
• A preview of Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit G”
• A potential track slated for Snoop Dogg’s next album
• The original instrumental of Drake and Rick Ross’ “Lord Knows”
• An instrumental slated for Jeezy
• An instrumental from an early Slaughterhouse session

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Listen in here:


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