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Kanye West Album The Life of Pablo To Hit Other Streaming Services On Friday

kanye west the life of pablo

Seems Kanye West’s album The Life of Pablo will hit other streaming services this Friday. This is according to a report by The Independent.

The Life of Pablo which has been undergoing regular updates over the past weeks, is set to be hosted on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play, by this weekend.

Just recently, the Chicago rapper dropped Famous and most recently I Love Kanye on to Spotify and now sources confirm that the rest of the tracks will soon follow.

The album was released in February exclusively on Tidal and West emphasized that it would never ever be on Apple Music and it would never be on sale.

There’s still no word whether a physical release is in plan.

So far twelve of the nineteen tracks in the set have been remixed or have undergone lyrical changes.

West claimed on Wednesday that the album had been streamed a massive 250 million times in just 10 days, but the huge figure soon sparked a debate. Website HitsDailyDouble noted that should the number be accurate, every one of Tidal’s 3 million global subscribers must have played the record “in its entirety eight times a day every day for ten days”.

Instead, West could have been referring to the total number of individual song plays, but this is yet to be confirmed. He has since deleted his tweet, which read: “Pablo did 250 million…I’m tired of people old talking to me like I’m regular!” Read more…





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