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Kanye West Working On New Music In The Mountains

Report: Kanye West Making New Music in Mountains of Wyoming

Kanye West has reportedly headed to the mountains of Wyoming to work on new music. After being out of the spotlight for a few months following some presidential controversy, the news came as he and wife Kim K. launched a new children’s clothing line.

Reports are stating that the rapper and producer has been at a retreat in Wyoming for over a week, and has visited before this as well. Kanye’s likely taking some time for himself, noticeably absent from the MET Gala and the Grammys this year.

Kanye’s last album – The Life of Pablo – hit #1 on the BIllboard charts. His fans – and likely his detractors too – are patiently awaiting the new music.

No word on release dates, titles, artwork of anything else. This is all very beginning-stage.



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