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Kennedy Center Launches Hip Hop Culture Council

Kennedy Center Forms Hip Hop Culture Council

The Kennedy Center has just formed the Hip Hop Culture Council – a way of recognizing the culture in a major way. The council will include founding members Q-Tip, Questlove, Black Though, LL Cool J and many others.

An announcement was uploaded to the Center’s YouTube channel that features Q-Tip speaking on how this all happened, and why it’s important.

Check out the video:

According to HipHopDX:

The move will assist in preserving Hip Hop’s legacy while increasing the public’s knowledge of the revolutionary genre and culture. The Hip Hop Culture Council’s upcoming events include programs such as Chinaka Hodge’s new play Chasing Mehserle, a pop-up party at Dupont Underground featuring DJ Justin Reed and the 35th-anniversary celebration of the iconic Hip Hop film, Wild Style.

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2017 was the first year that Hip Hop surpassed Pop and Rock music as the most popular genre in music. And most pop music that year was noticeably Hip-Hop influenced.

After decades of existence and domination across the globe, Hip Hop (the culture, far beyond just the music) is taking it’s rightful place in society.


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