Home Celebrity Buzz Kodak Black Facing 8 Years for Possible Parole Violations

Kodak Black Facing 8 Years for Possible Parole Violations

Kodak Black Facing 8 Years in Prison for Parole Violation

Rapper Kodak Black may be facing a lengthy prison sentence for possibly violating terms of his parole. 19 year old Bieuson Octave has been on parole since August 2016 and is being questioned on several alleged violations.

Some of the violations in question include visiting a Miami strip club and attending a boxing match. In a bizarre twist, another violation may have been excessive burping during anger management classes he was asked to leave.

Billboard.com reports:

Octave’s attorneys claim his attendance at the strip club and boxing match were legitimate work engagements and blamed their inability to alert his probation officer of his movements on poor communication channels between the two parties. His attorneys also claim that his repeated disruption of a court-ordered anger management session is due to a medical condition that causes him to burp excessively.

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It is alleged that while at the strip club, Kodak assaulted one of the staff members. However, another employee of the club may have contradicted that version of events during testimony of Tonya Durham. Durham stated that it was actually the other bartender that “got up in” Kodak’s face.

The Tunnel Vision rapper’s album is a Billboard Hot 200 top 10 record. No sentence has been passed yet on the rapper’s future.


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