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Lefty The Hamburger Helper Mascot Mixtape ‘Watch The Stove’

lefty hamburger helper mascot

Ok. So there’s A LOT of new music flying around this month. And we do our best to catch you up on everything – even bangers from mascots.

In case you missed it, Lefty the Hamburger Helper mascot released a mixtape called Watch the Stove last week. It was nothing near a surprise project. There were updates on twitter over the past coupla’ months.

Make no mistake:

…. all of this is done with the upmost seriousness, and while it technically is a joke project it doesn’t feel like it at all. If an unsuspecting person heard “Feed The Streets” or “Hamburger Helper” at a party or on the radio, the person likely wouldn’t expect that it comes from a mixtape by the Hamburger Helper glove. 2dopeboyz.com

And no, it wasn’t an April Fool’s prank.

Production was handled in collaboration with students at McNally Smith College of Music.

Definitely worth a listen:


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