Home Music News Lil Pump Signs $8 Million Contract With Warner

Lil Pump Signs $8 Million Contract With Warner

Lil Pump Signs New $8 Million Deal With Warner

It’s being reported that rapper Lil Pump has signed a new deal with Warner Bros. Records worth $8 million. The new deal comes after the Gucci Gang rapper’s original contract was voided on the grounds he was underage when it was signed. The initial contract was also never certified by a court.

Sources said the contract, filed yesterday (March 12), includes his first album and a wide variety of rights. The advance, says sources, comes to about $8 million

According to Billboard:

Pump was only 16 when he signed his first contract with Warner and went on to release his breakout single “Gucci Gang” with the label last year.

But earlier this year, attorney John Branca issued a notice pointing out the age and certification issue, asserting that it nullified the deal.

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The rapper is now 17 and it wasn’t certain where he would sign. And Warner wasn’t the only label interested in Pump. DJ Khaled’s We The Best Music and Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records also courted the young star, dropping hints on Social Media.

Neither camp (Lil Pump or Warner Bros. Records) has commented on the information.


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