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Mac Miller Trashes Donald Trump Calling Him a ‘Racist F***wad’


What happens when you get Mac Miller on The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore and let him to talk about Republican presidential frontrunner, Donald Trump? Well, let’s just say the result is something most people would call ‘good TV’.

Mac Miller went hard on the Wednesday show calling Donald Trump a ‘racist f***wad’ among other things and pleading with America to not elect the mogul.

In the hilarious monologue, Miller attacks Trump’s campaign slogan — “Make America Great Again” — and he says, in the context of his xenophobic and racist statements in the past, that it’s hinting at: “Make America White Again.”

Miller then slams the candidate for “lowering the bar for the nation’s intelligence” and doing everything he can to stay in the spotlight, even if it meant encouraging hate groups.

“The messed up thing is, I don’t even know if you’re evil,” Miller said. “I think you’re just such an egomaniacal, attention-thirsty, psychopathic, power-hungry, delusional waste of skin and bones that you’ll do, say or allow anything if it means you’ll just get one more minute in the limelight.”

In closing, Miller preempted his well-earned mic drop by promising that even if America did elect Trump, he wouldn’t leave the country in protest. “I’m staying right the fuck here,” he proclaimed. “I’m not going anywhere. I’m gonna be here every day telling the world how much I hate you, how much of a clown you are, and how we as a nation are better than you will ever be as a racist f***wad of a human.” Read more…


This beef between the rapper and the candidate isn’t a new one. It began with Miller’s 2011 song, “Donald Trump,” which Trump actually liked but then threatened to sue for royalties over the use of his name, when the song went platinum.

It’s hard to tell how much longer this war of words will go on for.

It appears Miller’s just getting started.


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