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Man Robs Bank to Impress Taylor Swift

Man Robs Bank to Impress Taylor Swift

A man has been charged with bank robbery in the US after a bank in Ansonia, Connecticut was robbed. The man was arrested by police after he traveled 100 miles to Rhode Island to Taylor Swift’s house.

The man admitted to officers that his plan was to try to impress Taylor Swift. After robbing the bank and travelling to the house (where no one was home) he threw $1600 over the fence into her garden and left.

According to Complete Music Update:

“It seemed he wanted to propose to her”, a police spokesperson told the Hartford Courant. “But she wasn’t home when he went there. He said he threw some of the money over a fence to impress her”.

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The man also mentioned he was planning on donating money to the Ansonia Police Department. But that didn’t stop him from getting arrested and being formally charged with bank robbery.


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