Home Music News Man Steals 100 Phones at Coachella, Gets Arrested via GPS

Man Steals 100 Phones at Coachella, Gets Arrested via GPS

Man Steals 100 Phones at Coachella

The Coachella Valley Music Festival is always big music news every year. Artists are always doing amazing things and making headlines. But this year, the festival is making other headlines thanks to a smartphone thief. A local NBC affiliate reports that a ton of smartphones were stolen on the first day of the festival.

On Friday afternoon, Reinaldo De Jesus Henao was arrested with over 100 smartphones in his backpack. Several people realized their phones were missing and decided to use the “Find My Phone” features to track them down.

As it turns out, the phones were still at the festival, making their way across the grounds. Coachella security detained Henao until the police arrived, who arrested and charged him with grand theft and receiving stolen property.

Although a few people got their phones back immediately, the majority were sent to Coachella’s official lost and found. Henao is currently out on $10,000 bail, awaiting sentencing.



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