Home Celebrity Buzz Martin Shkreli Forced To Forfeit $2 Million Wu-Tang Clan Album

Martin Shkreli Forced To Forfeit $2 Million Wu-Tang Clan Album

Martin Shkreli Forced to Give Up Wu Tang Album to Government

Martin Shkreli, the pharma-bro-villain that drew the public’s scorn for raising the price of some important medications hundreds of times over, has been forced to give up the on-off Wu-Tang Clan album that cost him millions of dollars at auction.

U.S. Judge Kiyo Matsumoto ordered Shkreli to forfeit over $7 million to the government because of a fraud conviction, which includes the LP.

According to HipHoDX:

The Wu-Tang Clan album is part of a set of “substitute assets” that Shkreli will forfeit to satisfy the amount owed. His copy of Lil Wayne’s unreleased Tha Carter V is also among these assets, which include a Pablo Picasso painting and $5 million from an E-Trade account used to secure his bail.

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The pharmaceutical executive tried to auction off the album on eBay, but no sale occurred. Shkreli, convicted of securities fraud in August 2017, bought “Once Upon A Time in Shoalin” back in 2015, but will be sentenced this Friday, March 9th.


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