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Martin Shkreli Says He Obtained “Tha Carter V” Legally

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Martin Shkreli is back in the headlines with Lil Wayne’s delayed Tha Carter V this time revealing how he got hold of the copy.

Shkreli claims he bought the copy from an unnamed party (that he assumes was a hacker) who contacted him. He then goes on to say he thinks the sale was legally legit.

That Carter V was scheduled to drop in December 2014 but Lil Wayne said Cash Money Records boss Birdman had refused to release it. Since then they have been involved in a long-winding legal battle, with Wayne suing Cash Money records for $51 million.

Shkreli says he believes the sale was perfectly legal, despite the seller not being in Lil Wayne’s camp.

“I believe that the sale is legal,” he said. “Criminal law? Forget it … I don’t believe that Lil Wayne could sue me. I don’t believe Birdman can sue me. I don’t think Universal could sue me. It’s a legal sale.”
“I do have what I believe to be a two-CD, authentic, Carter V final product mixed down,” said Shkreli. “Nobody knows what Tha Carter V is. If fact, nobody can say until Lil Wayne says, ‘This is Tha Carter V. He’s controlling it. If he says, ‘You know what? That two-CD thing that Martin has? I’m gonna add some stuff. I’m gonna take a track off and put in five more.’ If he says that’s Tha Carter V, then that’s Tha Carter V, it’s his call.” Read more…

Shkreli, so-called “Pharma Bro”, is infamously known in the hip-hop world as the guy who submitted the winning bid for Wu-Tang Clan‘s single-copy album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. He also tried to buy Kanye West‘s The Life Of Pablo, made public his plans to bail Bobby Shmurda out of jail, and dissed Ghostface Killah on video.

Watch Shkreli’s nearly two-hour interview with DJ Akademiks below. The discussion around Tha Carter V starts around the nine-minute mark.



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