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Mass Shooting Reported During An Electronic Music Festival in Mexico

mass shooting at bpm festival

A mass shooting has been reported at an electronic music festival that was wrapping up in Playa del Carmen, Mexico yesterday (January 15).

Reports say that at least five people have been killed and a dozen others wounded in the incident.

According to a statement given to ABC News, among the dead are four men and a woman. Two of those who died were part of a security team.

The shooting occurred at Blue Parrot nightclub, which was hosting an event that was part of the BPM electronic music festival.

An earlier statement by festival organizers said the attack involved “a lone shooter”, and resulted in four fatalities.

The BPM Festival is an annual 10-day electronic music festival started in 2008. The Blue Parrot nightclub was one of the venues at the festival in Playa del Carmen. and according to

Playa del Carmen, according to THR, is a tourist destination that has largely been spared the violence that has hit other parts of Mexico.

A number of festivalgoers took to Twitter to document what was going on during the shooting.


This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.

(Image Source: Residentadvisor.net)


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