Home Celebrity Buzz Meek Mill Arrested for Reckless Endangerment in NYC

Meek Mill Arrested for Reckless Endangerment in NYC

Meek Mill Arrested for Reckless Endangerment

Meek Mill was arrested on Thursday night on reckless endangerment charges after he was caught popping wheelies in New York City. A police spokesman said the Philly rapper was on a dirt bike with no helmet in Manhattan.

The police were alerted to his “reckless endangerment” through an Instagram video that was posted by Meek on his account. His encounter with the police was also streamed on his Instagram. Prior to the arrest, Meek was performing on The Tonight Show, performing the politically charged track “Young Black America.”

According to SPIN:

Meek Mill’s lawyer Joseph Tacopina argued that cops did nothing when they saw the rapper doing wheelies on Wednesday and that’s he’s being singled out because of his celebrity. “That level of investigation is normally reserved for heinous crimes, not for petty offenses like doing a wheelie on the street where you’re endangering no one’s life but your own,” he said, according to the Daily News.

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