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MIA Coming Back to the US for Shows for First Time Since 2014

MIA Coming Back to USA for First Live Shows Since 2014

UK rapper MIA has just booked live shows in the United States for the first time since 2014. She’ll be performing at two festivals in the US. A year ago, the rapper told fans in the US not to expect a US-release of her latest album “AIM.” The reasoning was that she was unable to get a visa in order to travel to the country to promote the work.

Months later she took to Instagram to say she was granted entry into the United States, and fans have been waiting in anticipation ever since.

Complete Music Update reports:

US fan will now get the chance to see her perform at Riot Fest in Chicago and The Meadows in New York on the weekend of 15-17 Sep. These will be her first US shows since 2014.

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Back in February, MIA released a new single called P.O.W.E.R which was written and produced by herself. The song was released under Interscope Records. She also has a documentary in the works. It’s been in works for several years but there is a trailer. No word on when the documentary will be released. She even said it may take years longer to finish.




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