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Minimoog Model D App for iOS Released

Moog Music Releases Model D iOS App

Moog Music today announced that they are bringing the classic Minimoog synth sound to the iOS platform. The new app, called the Minimoog Model D is available for download now for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Because of the recreation of the classic analog sound, the app is quite hardware intensive requiring a 64-bit device. The company also recently re-introduced a hardware version of the Model D which is what the app is based on.

According to Synthtopia:

New features include four-voice polyphony, a flexible arpeggiator, a real time looping recorder with unlimited overdubs, a tempo-synchronizable stereo ping-pong delay module, and a new time modulation effect, Bender.

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The new app is designed to work as a standalone synth but also works within mobile DAWs through the AUv3 Audio Unit extension.

If you’re using an app like GarageBand, multiple instances of the synth app can be deployed at once.

Check out the video below:



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