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Moog is making a $35,000 modular 1969 synth

Moog Music IIIp Modular Synth

Moog Music – makers of sought-after analog synths and music equipment – have just announced plans to create a classic 1969 modular synthesizer. The synth station, called the IIIp, will reportedly cost $35,000 to purchase.

Moog doesn’t normally sell these super-high end synthesizers, though they’re not cheap their synths are still affordable. But this is more of a “side-gig” for the North Carolina based company.

According to CreateDigitalMusic.com:

But, if that’s Moog’s day job, they have this … side hobby. And that’s been recreations – not just of the original Minimoog, but of much more complex modular instruments. What appeared to be a one-off novelty (a recreation of Keith Emerson’s modular rig) turned out to be an ongoing fascination of the company’s engineering team. And they’re not easy or inexpensive to make.

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Only 40 of these modular monsters will be made and they will begin shipping around May of this year. This is definitely a luxury item, but if you’re into hardware modular synths and have the spare money – it’s definitely one to consider.

Check out the video below:



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