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Music Video Giant VEVO Steps In While YouTube Struggles

VEVO and YouTube's Advertising Problem

Recently, major advertisers have started to pull their ad spend from YouTube because they don’t think the streaming video behemoth can properly control where ads are placed.

AT&T was the first US company (but definitely not the last) to pull their entire advertising spend from YouTube, because ads can sometimes appear on content the brand doesn’t want to be associated with – like political extremism or hate speech, for example.

They did this after a number of European brands did the same.

And as YouTube struggles to find a way to reassure it’s advertisers that it CAN control the “wild west” of an ecosystem it manages, Music Video streaming giant VEVO is stepping up to the plate.

VEVO – a collaborative effort Sony Music and Universal Music – was allowed to sell ads that would appear on the official YouTube channels it controlled. And since YouTube is having trouble guaranteeing which videos show which ads, VEVO doesn’t have this problem – it controls all of the content that appears on its official channels.

VEVO’s Chief Sales Officer wrote in a blog post that their content was not “User Generated Content” and therefore much safer for brands.

“Vevo’s content is not UGC, it’s premium, licensed, and professionally produced, with an enormous and unique global reach. The content is vetted through multiple layers of quality control to ensure the safest environment possible for advertisers including automatic categorisation if the word ‘explicit’ is in the title or content tags, and manual categorisation if the content includes any of the following: vulgar language, violence and disturbing imagery, nudity and sexually suggestive content, or portrayal of harmful or dangerous activities”.

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Even though VEVO music videos only account for 0.5% of all YouTube content, almost half of YouTube users view the VEVO content each month. That’s a pretty big deal.

And since VEVO is allowed to sell it’s own advertising, it’s an opportunity to keep making that paper while YouTube figures out what it’s going to do.


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