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Native instruments Brings Back “Sketches” for Second Season

Native Instruments Brings Back Sketches

Native Instruments – the company behind the Maschine and Komplete music tools – has just released a new season of the “Sketches” series which takes producers and makes them build out music tracks using NI stuff. The company challenged 24 different producers to come up with a musical “sketch” using nothing but sound available in the Komplete bundle of instruments/effects.

The music ideas that the producers came up with span from beat-heavy bangers to meditative music. The series allows people to get a look at the different techniques and approaches different producers have to starting a tune.

According to FutureMusic:

The series stands as a testament to how much can be achieved by adopting a faster and more stripped-back approach to creativity, with most artists choosing to limit their palette to just three or four instruments and effects. Komplete 11’s synths and creative tools feature heavily, with Reaktor 6, FM8, Absynth, Massive and Polyplex heard throughout multiple sketches.

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Each video in the series shows the producer getting busy and is combined with visuals from the award-winning artist Rainer Kohlberger.

Check out some of the videos below:



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