Home Music Production Native Instruments Releases ‘THRILL’ Virtual Instrument Sound Design Tool

Native Instruments Releases ‘THRILL’ Virtual Instrument Sound Design Tool

Native Instruments Releases THRILL VST for Kontakt 5

Native Instruments partner Uli has just provided the music production manufacturer a new virtual instrument called THRILL – a combination of orchestral sound and expert sound design within a single interface.

The benefit of THRILL is that it can be used to do amazing things, with just a single player. For example, you could play the entire string section from The Shining without anyone’s help.

The 30 GB library includes orchestral recordings and hybrid sound design. Each sound is taken from 963 original source sounds.

MuseWire reports:

Central to THRILL is an X-Y control for modulating effects and morphing between sounds. This control offers composers and sound designers something completely new – the ability to design and play complex cinematic textures and builds in real time. Simple and intuitive to use, the control blends between sound sources, effects, the number of sonic layers, general intensity, and more, depending on the preset being used. This X-Y modulator lends itself to trackpad, tablet, or even smartphone control (via TouchOSC), allowing an unprecedented level of sound-to-action interaction.

THRILL also comes with the most powerful tone cluster designer ever offered in a virtual instrument. Tone clusters are a special kind of chord, containing at least three adjacent notes, and are one of the staple tools for generating fear and tension in any audience. THRILL offers 250+ diverse and editable cluster sound and voicing presets, using the many types of pitched sounds in the THRILL library, such as strings and horns. Tone clusters can also be built from scratch, with up to eight independently editable and modulatable voices.

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THRILL is available now as a Kontakt 5 instrument for a retail price of USD $299. You can download it from the Native Instruments Online Store. A free demo download is also available at: https://www.native-instruments.com/products/komplete/cinematic/thrill



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