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Netflix Stocks Higher Than Ever Thanks To Luke Cage


Netflix stocks hit an all-time high last Friday (January 13), closing up 3.5% at $133.70 per share. The surge is partly attributed to optimistic forecasts from Wall Street analysts.

A Deutsche Bank analyst highlighted Netflix’s strong recent attempts at original programming as the catalysts for the recent success, citing shows like The Crown, Marvel’s Luke Cage, Gilmore Girls, and Fuller House.

Marvel’s Luke Cage, in particular, has been key. It is a Harlem-centered superhero series that built its foundation on Gang Starr songs. With a score produced by hip-hop composers, Adrian Younge and A Tribe Called Quest’s Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Luke Cage was reportedly the company’s biggest ratings draw for 2016.

Netflix announced in December that Luke Cage would be returning for a second season.

“Well, Gang Starr for me, it wasn’t about the content of music as much as it was about the song titles. One of the old tricks we used to use back in the day in music journalism is we used to pick a song for cover line,” he explained. “No matter what group you’re talking about. If there’s a cool cover line you can do that and then simultaneously as a huge fan of Shonda Rhimes, she also names a lot of her shows. Original episodes of Grey’s Anatomy after different songs. So it was really just a combination of just like finding songs titles that resonate and then seeing how you can build cinematic resonance with your story and your characters. What I noticed in going through my iTunes is that Gang Starr songs always had that kind of presence and so it just worked basically picking those song titles and making it into something. The first episode is really about that moment of truth that Genghis Khan is when Luke Cage decides to become a hero. And then ‘Code of the Streets’ is about the ramifications of stepping up and finding out that there is a code that they just violated. The third one in “Who’s Going To Take the Weight?” is really about Luke now stepping up and doing something that from which there is no going back, so he’s going to take the weight of taking down Cottonmouth and put it on his shoulders.” Read more…

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