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New AI Listens to 30,000 Songs Daily to Find Next Hit

Startup Company Instrumental Uses Machine Learning TalentAI to Find Hits

A new artificial intelligence called TalentAI reportedly listens to 30,000 songs every single day to try an find the world’s next big hit record. The AI uses machine learning to discover new and emerging talent that’s got the potential to be big.

TalentAI is the proprietary software used by startup company Instrumental. They target the music and entertainment business and analyze a portfolio of indicators to scour the world for the next breakout hit.

According to Digital Music News:

Basically, this AI weapon monitors billions of data points each day from sources such as Spotify and social networks.  Accordingly, the data gathered delivers trending intelligence on the music and entertainment industry.

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The service is being pitched to music publishers, book publishers, record labels, promoters and some consumer brands as well.



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