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New App Will Help Get Your Music Played in Clubs

New SpinFire App Allows Artists to Pay for Play With Club DJs

A brand new app called Spinfire reportedly helps you get your music played by popular DJs in local clubs. Here’s the catch – it’s all based on Pay-For-Play. Currently the app is available for U.S. artists who can use it to connect with club DJs around the country. Users upload tracks and send them to specific DJs through the iOS and Android smartphone app.

This could be a huge opportunity for relatively unknown acts to get a little more shine at some of the best places to be heard – the “hottest clubs and social events in the country.” On the flip side, up-and-coming DJs can get paid through the app by accepting artists songs for play in their clubs/events.

A press release put out by the Spinfire team reads:

“With this app, novices in the game have the same opportunity as seasoned veterans to get their music heard and gain the recognition they desire.”

Digital Music News reports:

To get access to hundreds of club DJs, aspiring musicians will first have to purchase “spins on demand.”  Of course, you can download the app for free.  Soon enough, however, Spinfire will have you engaging in a payola scheme.  After choosing your DJ, you’ll have to pay between $20 to $500 per play.

Developers launched the app last June.  The company hopes to launch globally this October.  That means that musicians and DJs from all around the world can soon engage in a global payola scheme.

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What’s interesting to note, however, is that “Payola” – the term used to describe the now-supposedly-dead practice of paying radio DJs to spin your records – is supposed to be illegal.

How will this affect the app and it’s users? It’s too soon to tell, but I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about it soon enough.


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